About me and my design work

I am a German illustrator, surface pattern designer and artist based in Norfolk/UK. In my previous life I was a teacher of Art, German and Modern Foreign Languages, working in Secondary schools in Germany as well as the UK.

Since I moved to Norfolk in 2001, I rediscovered my love for painting. The beautiful Norfolk landscape and coast constantly inspire me. My passion for nature, flowers, animals and foreign cultures has a huge influence on my paintings, illustrations and pattern design.

My digital and printed work is mostly based on hand drawn sketches (see top right). These are consequently digitized and coloured in Photoshop and Procreate. For a pattern, I create a so called seamless repeat which can be endlessly printed on all kind of surfaces.

Besides illustrations and pattern design, I love to paint in acrylics. My passion for florals, exotic motifs, animals, cheerful colours and tribal patterns showcases in all my artwork – be it paintings or pattern design. My paintings are mostly sold though galleries in the UK. Many of them are now in private collections.  You can find my painted artwork here.

Thanks for stopping by and watch out for NEW uploads!

Susanne Mason design, sketches for pattern Spanish Garden

sketches for pattern Spanish Garden

Susanne Mason design, one of the final Spanish Garden patterns

one of the final Spanish Garden patterns