Artist, designer, doodler

Sue creates colourful illustrations, inspirational greeting cards and surface patterns. She is an artist based in Norfolk/UK.  Please contact her if you are interested in licensing her work or contracting freelance assignments.

Sue’s creative greeting cards are anything but traditional and all hand designed. You can buy them by sending her an email.

Her illustrations feature colourful, lively and cheerful designs. Her patterns cover a variety of purposes such as fabrics, home decor, wallpaper and gift wrapping. You can purchase prints with her patterns at Spoonflower (fabric, wallpaper, gift wrapping).

She also loves to paint in acrylics. You can find her cheerful paintings featuring cats, dogs, flowers and stillifes on her art website.

Thanks for stopping by and watch out for NEW uploads!

Sue’s Instagram

All designs and images are © Susanne Mason unless otherwise credited. If you are sharing, pinning or blogging please share and respect by giving proper credit and link back to my website